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Toyota Prius 2004-2009 With Smart Entry. Brand New, never "refurbished" 275.00 including programming and emergency door key.

Lost one of your Prius Fob ? Do not risk losing your last Fob. Drive on over to City Lock today, and you will save nearly 100.00 as compared to the one with the Toyota logo on it. Rest assured, City Lock only sells BRAND NEW, never refurbished remotes. They include all programming and the emergency door key, all for 275.00 for one, and get TWO for 450.00 for as long as this ad is listed, and supply lasts. IF you have lost ALL your fobs, we can come out to you and program new ones in, but you Save Save Save by getting them when you have one remaining key, and can bring it to the City Lock service center at 2898 30th St in Boulder

City Lock is your EXPERT, servicing automotive security since 1979

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More and more cars now have pushbuttoon, keyless start. They also have some of the most expensive remotes of “FOBS” you have ever imagined. City Lock, your Boulder County Locksmith has the answer to overpriced remotes, or worse…. “Refurbished” remotes they got online that have intermittent operation.

Do not settle for cobbled together online parts. City Lock has brand new PRoximity Remotes for many late model popular cars. They will not have the LEXUS logo, or the Hyundai Logo, not even the Nissan Logo…. but you can put you own stickers on later. City Lock is here to provide quality, expert programming and save you money!

Keyless Re,mote Start

Boulder Keyless Remote Start. A Feature you may already have!

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Boulder Keyless Remote Start. Why do we call it that?

Your Boulder Locksmith is City Lock. But we also services other areas, so let us add: free Louisville Keyless Remote Start, free Longmont Keyless Remote Start, free Broomfield Keyless Remote Start; etc. Read on to find out HOW you might get this for free:

On a cold winter day, there is nothing like being able to start and warm up your car from inside the house. It is one of the best convenience features since Air Conditioning; Boulder Keyless Remote Start allows convenient warming of car and clearing of frozen windshield BEFORE you exit the house. You will only find this expert service for nearly all makes and models at City Lock in Boulder Colorado. Most any car equipped with this feature, City Lock can program fully functional remotes.

Millions of people buy used cars, and often have no idea what features they have. Boulder Keyless Remote Start questions comes up at City Lock all the time, and to their surprise, we REGULARLY show clients how their vehicle is already set up for this feature. When you press the remote with the right sequence, the engine starts right up!

There is a particular logo on the buttons that indicates this feature, it looks like an almost complete circle, with an arrow pointing counter-clockwise. This means you HAVE this feature. In the picture, look at the TOP button. That is your indication you have a Boulder Keyless Remote Start button!

To test your Boulder Keyless Remote, press the LOCK button twice, then press and HOLD the button with the circular arrow for about 3-5 seconds. Engine Starts.

But do not worry about a thief. Any effort to drive off without putting the key in ignition and turning it, will not release steering wheel nor transmission, and the anti-theft system will activate.

Using this feature ( as opposed to putting a key in ignition, starting and locking the door to go back in house or business ) has been recognized as secure, and if you have this, the “anti-puffing” law should not apply to you, or your Boulder Keyless Remote Start system.

For safety, car will automatically shut off after a certain time period. Should you FORGET you started it, or in case car is in garage, the system will shut off engine and reset to provide safety and security.
City Lock stocks OEM and aftermarket Remotes, flip key remotes and other variants, but only for vehicles equipped with a FACTORY remote start system.


Boulder Heavy Equipment Keys are a City Lock specialty

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Your construction and landscaping equipment all use Boulder Heavy Equipment Keys.

You need spare Boulder Heavy Equipment Keys. You tried the hardware stores, the tool rental place, The orange DIY place. They just did not know a lot about equipment keys.

City Lock, your Boulder Locksmith since 1991, has your Boulder Heavy Equipment Keys! Brands including Cat, Doosan, Volvo, Honda, Mitsubishi, SkyLift, John Deer, and more are all available from City Lock, your Boulder Locksmith.

Of COURSE, City Lock! The place that has always helped with your Car and Truck Keys, Remotes, Fobs, Keyless locks for your business and home.



Career Opportunity

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Programming Marks I-Que Lock

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City Lock presents a simplified programming guide for the Marks I-Que Lite and I-Que Metro

The GGM is also known as the MASTER or Programming Code. Always change the Factory Default GGM during installation of a new lock

  • The GGM is also known as the MASTER or Programming Code. Always change the Factory Default GGM during installation of a new lock
  •  A User Code is generally a 6 digit code, and breaks down into two halves: the first three digits make up a “USER ID” and the remaining three digits constitute a “USER PIN”. When used to open the lock; it is combined into one string, and is called a User Code.
  •  The USER ID must differ from any already programmed into lock; ( For example; one User ID can be 612 and a new User ID can be 617, 834, 842 etc ). The remaining three digits of User Code is the Pin Code, and may be any digits person USER ID relates to wishes.
  1. Select an activity:
  1. To reprogram a lock using a common, shared single User code, perform steps one and two. Always DELETE the existing code first, and then ADD in new User Code. ( Both Step 1 and 2 )
  2. To add a user to a lock with multiple users, just ADD a new User Code ( Only Step 2 )

Program Lock:

        1. ( GGM )    #    01    *    ( User ID )    *   0   **     Delete a User

            Programming Code               First Half of User Code         


        2. ( GGM )    #    01    *    ( User ID )    *    ( User Group )   *   ( User Pin )    * *    Add User

            Programming Code                First Half of User Code             Ex: Group 10         Second Half of User Code


Some optional and useful function commands and features your Marks I-Que lock supports:

  • (GGM) # 12 * HHMM * *   Set Current Time
  • (GGM) # 13 * MMDDYY * *   Set Current Date
  • (GGM) # 02 * 13 * HHMM (Open Time) * HHMM (Close Time) * *   Basic schedule Open/Close times
  • (GGM) # 18 * 5 * *   Define Lock Open Time (Refers to time lock remains unlocked after entering user code, not the time lock unlocks during basic scheduling)
  • (GGM) # 32 * 0 * *   Pin Only Mode. This allows just the last half of user code to open door, for quicker entry. See full manual for longer pin codes, for added security.
  • (GGM) # 37 * 0 * *   Terminator off   (Terminator is the # entry at end of User code)  (Note: to enter programming mode with terminator off, you must first press the “#” key then enter your code.)
  • (GGM) # 16 * 16 * 0 * *   Clears All Users and Scheduling in Memory, in event you have lost your chart of users.

Complete Factory Manual as of 03/30/2017


Marks IQue Lite


Your car keys, locks and remotes

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Today, let us look at Toyota  and Lexus keys. If you have any OTHER make, this technology still may apply to YOU!

I will examine what is called a “Remote Head Key”, or a “Remote Head Key Shell”. There are three elements we look at, though they may packaged in different ways; based on model and year:

Element 1  The Blade. The blade of a key is a precision instrument. Never use it as a screwdriver or can opener. This component is also a wear item. The blade has cuts that mate up to segments within the door and ignition lock to allow rotation when the correct key is in play.

Element 2: The chip. MANY cars since 1990, and MOST today, have RFID chip technology within the plastic head. Sometimes it is a glass or carbon wedge chip, molded or fixed in the plastic head, other times it is within the circuitry of the keyless entry module in the head of key, along with a replaceable battery. Many Toyota and Lexus models, particularly in the 1998-2002 range had a system that the dealer could only program spare keys if you had a working MASTER key. Locksmiths have had the means to reset this system, in the case of no master key present. This system was totally phased out of the last model by about 2006.

Element 3:  The Remote Head Key Shell. There is a large concern over separation of the blade from the plastic shell, as well as the cover separating that holds the remote capsule in the head on certain Toyota and Lexus keys. Locksmiths have long replaced broken shells, and transplanted the chips and remotes from the old shell into the new. There is one aspect car owners should be aware of; too much torque placed upon the head of the key, due to a lock issue, can cause expensive damage to the lock bolt housing on the steering column. This has been seen a number of times on Lexus vehicles. Worse than cost alone, some Lexus lock bolt housings are no longer produced at all. Particularly if you are using an “extra strong” remote/key shell, this is not meanign you should be using the device as a crowbar. I am sure it was not the intention of the makers nor sellers  to have people crank it extra hard to overcome a jammed lock. Any sign of a key not working smoothly, should be addressed before the issue becomes critical.

Element 4 ( The bonus element ) The REMOTE:

We notes that sometimes a remote will just stop working, especially after long term storage or after the vehicle has been serviced. City Lock can re-synch it, replace the battery etc.


Comments & Advise:

Toyota introduced two designs that use a key known as a ” TR43″ or “TR47”. Toyota launched the first variant in 1991. The lock design had specific, chronic issues. These issues were identified soon after product initial release, and we still service failing locks of this ilk. Toyota eventually offered a redesigned product, with a 5 year phase-in in which completed in 2007. The old design is called the 8 cut system, and the latter design is the 10 cut system.

The 8 cut system consisted of a lock design with up to 8 segment positions within each lock. Two of these positions contained split wafers. We believe this design was to thwart decoding of locks serupticiously; in an attempt to increase security. The problem with this design; the segments known as split wafers traveled in their respective slots erratically. The travel was not balanced. This caused the split segments to bind, and wear on both the key, the segment and the housing within its’ travel. Ultimately, clients would have an ignition that would not turn to start, or get stuck partially turned.

The 10 cut system abandoned the split wafers altogether, but added some features. This design used the same key stock as the old 8 cut system. There is no notable failure rate with this design. However; keys must be held tightly within tolerances. The slightest wear on keys will yield failure in one or more locks. It is advised that these keys be made by locksmiths well aware of the tight tolerances. Not all key machines, even CNC type ones, can produce a quality 10 Cut Toyota key.

When a driver has a problem with keys and locks, non-expert lock repairs and replacement are often misguided and unneeded. Conclusions pointing to the lock, without testing is a costly mistake. The failure is squarely a KEY problem just about every instance; so must be verified. This is totally unlike on the old 8 Cut, where the LOCKS were almost always in need of a servicing, along with replacement of worn keys.

We at City Lock can not emphasize enough; with any auto lock key, or remote; symptoms are not a diagnosis. Facts, and a logical sequence to repair in the most efficient, least wasteful manner must prevail. When we do lock rekey and repair, we keep the match-up of ignition and door, rather than throw additional keys that only fit a replaced lock. The extra care is what makes a car owner happy down the road.

In conclusion, have problems dealt with, early on. Do NOT throw away keys or remotes that are not working, or broken. Put all the bits and pieces in a bag, and bring it to City Lock and watch the magic.


City Lock is developing new job site security lock

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City Lock is directly guiding the development of new padlocks. This project is to provide a new padlock for job-site tool chests. We are working with mechanical engineers and a US Based manufacturing plant with both our applications experience and customer input to develop products that are built to the needs of the market.

Help Us develop a new commercial padlock! Testers WANTED. We have a Beta run of locks to test.

Qualified clients of City Lock are invited to request a FREE padlock to put to the test. You must have job site tool chests such as Knaack, but we want all brands and variations.  These must be in daily use, not storage. Exposure to the elements and vandals is a plus. Tool cribs must be able to be brought to the City Lock showroom and service center in Boulder. We need the widest range of job site containers to test the fit. The factory label must be somewhere on the box. This information is needed so we can feed back to manufacturer of padlock how well the fit is for a particular product model and vintage; and attach any mods to the design we deem important. We will need feedback monthly. ( More frequentl input and suggestions are welcome )

The final engineering will be applied to keyed padlocks in standard, interchangeable core, high security and Bluetooth. Test padlocks are yours to keep. Final product will be available at a discount to all Beta-Testers.

City Lock is also interested in END-USER requests for other specialty padlocks to be developed. send your ideas through our contact page.

While we are adding new lines, existing clients who we have provided American Lock and Master PRo-Series locks should not be concerned. We will always support and have these locks available. We are adding a line that is compatible, so you can even mix and match and key alike between brands.



City Lock welcomes Schlage Engage Access Control!

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Schlage Engage Proximity Access Control

Schlage Engage is the first full fledged, self contained commercial grade access control. All the features clients WANT, without all the clumsy hardware that used to be forced down a client’s throat, is finally here!

The benefits are lengthy. Development of the Engage product is the result of many decades of traditional access control development, the advent of social media, the fielding of light duty residential grade APP driven devices; all to lead to the advent of the first truly APP driven Commercial grade access device.

Features of Schlage Engage:

  1. Control from any smartphone via secure cloud service anywhere. Delete and restrict users when you need to, wherever you may be, with all the equipment system requires; your cell phone and administration credentials.
  2.  Self contained system, for elimination of most troubleshooting found in prior access control
  3. Expand-ability. Add nearly as many locks as you like, as well as users
  4. Set schedules, holidays and view audit trails you used to handle with a spreadsheet from a computer terminal.
  5. Save energy. Locks operate for up to a year on one set of 4 AA Alkaline batteries.
  6. Aesthetic appeal. Locks compliment any decor, and are available in four lever designs. Doors require no alterations
  7. Will not void fire label on door
  8. Take it with you. Relocating? Swap the Engage lock with the one it replaced. No unsightly damage to door. This may preserve your security deposit



What you need to use this product?

  1. The Schlage ENGAGE access control lock
  2. Installation; either by City Lock or your own skilled in-house facilities locksmith. City Lock will train facilities managers’ staff.
  3. Additional Schlage Engage prox cards, if needed  ( City Lock includes 20 cards with purchase of lock )
  4. The FREE APP. Choose IOS or Android.
  5. The FREE Engage Account ( Free, takes a minute or two to set up )
  6. That is it, nothing else!


  1. Control Panel
  2. Power supplies and backup batteries near each door way
  3. Card enrolling device
  4. Palm Unit to transfer data for programming and audit of lock
  5. Wiring, wiring and more wiring
  6. Expensive annual maintenance contracts
  7. High cost to reinstall, when you reconfigure space or vacate

Career Opportunity: Locksmith

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Career Opportunity

Locksmith Technician

Career Overview:

  • automotive. lockout service, fitting of keys, programming transponder keys and remotes, troubleshooting, repair of ignition and door locks, re-keying of auto locks
  • residential. unlocking, site survey, troubleshooting, repair and installation of standard, keyless, designer, multi-point and other security products for home and income properties
  • commercial. unlocking, survey, installation and service of door control products. Keys, locks, panic devices and keyless access.
  • shop duties. retail storefront, field service, bench-work, organization, customer service, making keys and servicing a wide array of what may come in the door.

Criteria for applicationt::

  • clean background check
  • strong desire for solving challenges and completing projects
  • reliable personal transportation ( NOT USED IN COURSE OF WORK )
  • good driving record
  • professional clean cut presentation
  • tactile skills with hand and power tools
  • reside in or close-in to Boulder

About position:

  • full time M-F 40 hour week.
  • After hours and weekend emergency calls optional
  • Highly quality oriented, goal to retain client


  • holidays off paid if they fall on a weekday: Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day
  • 7 paid personal Days
  • paid vacation after one year
  • Health Insurance and dental premium assistance
  • Company equipment tools and vehicle.
  • Training via apprenticeship available
  • Salary Hourly plus bonus 32,000 - 52,000 + Benefits

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location:

  • Boulder, CO 80301

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Required experience:

  • Locksmithing: 2 years

Required language:

  • English: Communicate effectively verbally and by documentation.

Required license or certification:

  • Drivers License

Apply via Indeed!