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City Lock adds Master Lock Door Hardware. Perfect designer tastes on a strict budget

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City Lock is your Boulder area locksmith. Not only are the locksmiths at City Lock your go-to professionals for on-site emergency services, City Lock has been your compete source for door hardware and security products since 1979.

Master Lock Residential Hardware has been added to City Lock, enhancing  their “good, better best” approach to offering the best value at each price point.

Levers knobs and deadbolts for exterior and interior doors, popular finishes on hand. For interior doors, matching passage and privacy levers, as well as dummy trim is also offered.

Unlike the two leading selling brands of residential locks sold at the big box stores, Master door hardware features:

  1. No plastic mechanical parts.
  2. All-Brass machined key cylinder. Others are often die-cast zinc
  3. For maintenance companies, and multifamily maintenance, we offer the same locks with Cylinders to match Kwikset, Weiser and Weslock factory keying. This allows existing master key systems to be phased in, without disturbing an existing master key system.
  4. Popular finishes Bright Brass, Satin Nickel and Aged Bronze ( a dark rich take on oil-rubbed bronze )
  5. As always, City Lock can provide padlocks to match your new Master door lock keys, as well as cylinders for most French doors that currently take a full size door lock key

Visit the City Lock Service Center and Showroom at 2898 30th St in Boulder. That is on 30th, just feet from Valmont Rd.

You can call your favorite locksmiths at 303-444-4407

DIYer Help… New Door Lock leaves small hole exposed

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Do-It-Yourself Help Center from the Locksmiths at City Lock Locksmith Service in Boulder Colorado

Your lead Locksmith at City Lock wants to help the DIY’er with as many solutions to common problems that can be resolved without an unnecessary service call. All you need is to have minor to moderate DIY skills.

City Lock, a Boulder Locksmith service, is often contacted regarding the unsightly hole can result when replacing a decorative pitcher-grip handle latch-set. This is because manufacturers redesign their product line from time to time. Only a few products do have a slight accommodation for minor relocation for the new lower screw that secures the “heel” or base of the exterior grip handle. The head of the screw and its hole generally go clear through the door. It is the interior that needs concealment, as the new outside trim probably will cover the old hole on the OUTSIDE surface of door.

City Lock will often conceal an exposed hole like this with a dowel pin, if the door is solid wood. In fiberglass and Steel skin doors, a pair of  screw covers will be mounted back-to-back, if the lock replacing the pitcher handle is to be replaced as we recommend; with a Lever x Lever set.

The solution escaped us for some time, until a client came in just this past week to address this very issue. Between us, a perfect resolution emerged…. a cabinet knob baguette ( Back Plate ). These are an optional trim piece for cabinet knobs. Emtek happens to make these plates in shapes that math their door lock rosettes. This hides the extra screw-hole, and actually dresses up the interior of the door a bit nicer than a plain little round screw cover. City Lock is a major dealer for Emtek Products among many other select lines.

If you are not the DIY’er type, we are happy to come to you.

The Locksmiths at City Lock are your Boulder Automotive Locksmith experts

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The techies at City Lock are back at work, after the annual automotive locksmith training event, “Just Cars”. Attending nearly 6 years, has helped us stay on top of our game, bringing you solutions for your automotive security technology requirements.

Automobiles are constantly changing, and City Lock invests in its employees training, as well as the new equipment needed to do the job.

Keys and remotes seem like such a simple thing. If only it were! We employ the methods to properly program keys to your vehicle, and not fall short with easy substitutions that may not be reliable.

City Lock can often do much more than the dealer in the way of choices, and promptness. The dealer must do it a corporate way, as they are bound by rules of franchise. We have no agreement with the manufacturer. Our client is who we answer to. We often have multiple options to fit your budget, without cutting quality.

City Lock is available to the public, as well as a support option for auto repair shops and new and used car lots.

When you are told it can not be done, please call the Boulder County Locksmiths at City Lock.

We have only one number, 303-444-4407. Beware of gotcha listings of locksmiths, but with a toll free number. That is a scam. We are REAL, you can visit our SHOP at 2898 30th St Boulder CO

Boulder RV Keys

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Boulder-RV-keysLocked out of your Rv? Need RV keys cut we have the Boulder RV keys you need.

RV Topper, Landscaping Equipment keys, Truck Box Keys, Crossover and side pickup tool box keys and locks, Utility truck compartment keys and locks, Heavy Construction Equipment ignition and cab door keys and latches.

All Major RV Brands; Airstream, Winnebago, etc. OEM Keys and locks by Global, Trimark, Southco, Bauer and more.

Rv lockouts 7 days week fast Boulder mobile RV locksmith service we can open RV doors and storage area doors and make new keys for you or make extra keys. Is your RV door key not working or wont go into the door we can fix it.

Come by our City Lock store location to have extra RV keys made at 2898 30th St Boulder CO 8030. We have Rv keys house keys business keys Utility lock keys and more. We have Over 3500 different keys, hundreds of auto remotes and transponder keys as well. City Lock your Boulder RV Keys source.



Our Boulder Locksmith Store

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City-Lock-Boulder-LocksmithVisit our City Lock Boulder locksmith store open 8:30-5:30 Monday – Friday But we offer Emergency services 7 days a week till 10 pm.

Needs keys cut come into our store we cat all keys including car keys and do car key programming right here at our store location or we can send a mobile van out to your location.

We sell keys, Car keys, Locks, safes, door hardwate and other security items for your home or business.

In store lock rekeying. You can bring in door lock to us for us to rekey for you we can rekey most any lock to a new key and make as many keys as you need. Come into our Boulder locksmith store and meet with us we are your home town locksmith service here to help you with all your locksmith needs.

Thousands of keys in stock for homes and business including car keys, remote head keys, car remotes and more we are the Boulder key cutting pros keys cut by code. Bring in small safes or lock boxes to be opened, Bring in locks to be keyed, Drive over your car or truck to have us open tool boxs and top luggage racks.

Have lock or key questions give us a call a (303) 444-4407 or come by our Boulder locksmith store. City Lock we are are here for you.


Keys Locked In Car ?

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Boulder-Keys-Locked-In-CarWhen you do a internet search for keys locked in car because you need help City Lock is your Boulder keys locked in the car professional to call. We offer safe car unlocking at competitive prices. We have been in the locksmith business since 1979 opening cars, trucks, homes and more.

When you have locked your keys in the car it can be a very stressful time and we are here to help our trained car opening locksmiths can pop open a lock in no time we are friendly easy to communicate and trustworthy we are not a fly by night unlicensed locksmith service that will take advantage of you.

Have you lost your key. Many times we do a car lockout only to find that the key is not inside the car and it is a lost key. When the key is lost we can produce a new key for your car including doing all the special key programming that is needed to get you back on the road. For keys locked in car or lost keys City Lock is the one to call 7 days a week.

Boulder Transponder Keys we have them

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Boulder-transponder-keys-standardWe sell transponder keys if you are in the Boulder CO area and need a new transponder key for you car City Lock is the Boulder transponder keys expert. We stock standard transponder keys and remote head transponder keys so you can lock and unlock your car using the remote head that is built into the key. We also have high security blade and flip blade transponder keys.

Boulder Transponder key programming is also available a chip key needs to be programmed into your car before your car will start and run. For key programming you can buy the transponder key from us or if you all ready have one you can bring in the key and your car and we can cut the key for you and do the key programming. We will need both the key and the car.

If you have lost your car key give us a call we can come out to your location to cut and program in a new key right on location this saves you money, time and towing your car to a car dealer.

Call us today we are the Boulder transponder key experts serving all of the Boulder, CO and surrounding areas with quality keys and key programming for you car or truck.

City Lock Launches New Website

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City-Lock-Boulder-Locksmith-websiteCity Lock, a locally owned and operated Boulder locksmith company is pleased to announce the launch of its new version of our website, The new site features a more user-oriented layout that is very cell phone friendly and with expanded catalog selections, with emphasis on City Lock’s commitment to exceptional customer service. City Lock hopes to reach new clients beyond the greater Boulder and Denver regions by providing more information on its locksmith services and product selection than ever before. City Lock’s workshop and showroom located at 2898 30th Street near Valmont offers a broad selection of auto, home, and commercial security products. The company also offers emergency lockout assistance, as well as lock repair and installation. Established in 1979, City Lock is a full service locksmith in Boulder serving Boulder and surrounding areas. Visit online at

Consumers Warned of Locksmith Scam

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City-Lock-Boulder-Locksmith-smsConsumers in the Boulder-Denver area are warned to beware of individuals posing as Boulder locksmiths who perform unnecessary work or charge exorbitant un-locking fees. The Associated Locksmiths of America, Inc. (ALOA), an international association of locksmith and physical security professionals, recently issued an official warning for Denver, Boulder, and surrounding areas.”This scheme entices locked-out consumers with large Yellow Pages ads that give the impression you are calling a local business,” says ALOA’s Executive Director, Charles W. Gibson, Jr., “These companies manipulate listings with multiple false addresses and phone numbers to make them seem like neighborhood businesses. In actuality, the victims frequently are calling out-of-state operations that are not locksmith companies at all. The consumer is quoted a reasonable price over the phone, but when a person posing as a locksmith finishes the job, the victim is charged a considerable amount more for unnecessary and sub-standard work.”ALOA has created a checklist for detecting a company that may be engaging in this scheme. “Many of the items in this checklist are legal by themselves,” adds Gibson. “However, if several are used together, you may be dealing with a con artist.”

Not Familiar with Your Area To make sure the company is local, make sure that they are familiar with your area of town.
“Boulder Locksmith Service.” Unscrupulous individuals often operate under many business names/aliases. Thus, they must answer the phone with a generic phrase like, “locksmith service.” If the call is answered this way, ask, “What is the legal name of your business”
ALOA Logo. Does the Yellow Pages ad contain a logo that makes them appear to belong to ALOA? While many locksmiths do belong to the Association, some unscrupulous individuals trick the consumer by falsely using the ALOA logo.You can always check to see if in fact these businesses are members by (800) 532-2562 or
Unclear Business Name. Look closely at the ad(s). Is the specific name of the business clearly identified? Does it appear that the dealer actually operates under several names? If a Web address is listed, does the name on the Web site match the name on the ad?
“Under Same Ownership.” This confusing statement, often found in small print at the bottom of a full-page ad in phone directories, give consumers a sense that the firm has been in business for awhile. The statement itself may be a warning sign that the company operates under several aliases. Also, the ad sometimes lists association memberships for organizations that do not exist, (i.e. American Locksmith Association).”
Service Vehicle. Some legitimate Boulder locksmiths will work out of a car or unmarked van for quick jobs, but most will arrive in a service vehicle – a van or truck that is clearly marked.
Identity. A legitimate Boulder locksmith should ask for identity and some form of proof that you have the authority to allow the unlocking to be done. You have the right to ask for the Boulder  locksmith’s identification as well. Does he have a business card? Does he have an invoice or bill with the company name printed on it? Does it match the name on the service vehicle?
Estimate. Find out what the work will cost before you authorize it. Never sign a blank form authorizing work.
Invoice. Insist on an itemized invoice. You can’t dispute a charge without proof of how much you paid and what the payment was for .
Refuse. If you are not comfortable with the service provider, you can, and should, refuse to work with the locksmith.

If you feel that you have been the victim of a scheme as described above, ALOA recommends that you contact the office of the Colorado Attorney General. The Federal Trade Commission offers more information on this topic in this Consumer Alert.Established in 1979, City Lock is a full service locksmith serving the greater Boulder-Denver area. City Lock is also a long-time member of the ALOA.

City Lock Expands Service for Boulder GM Keys & Vehicles

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Boulder locksmith City Lock now offers expanded service for General Motors keys and remotes. City Lock owner, Jeff Rosen acquired the software needed to expand service in effort to address more customers’ needs. “I don’t like having to tell a client, ‘no, I can’t do that’ so I am always looking for ways to widen my product base, as well as my knowledge base.” City Lock stocks most of the popular makes’ OEM remotes, Keys and ignition, door and trunk locks. The business now offers more auto products and services for 52 GM models in addition to hundreds of other makes. Rosen is quick to assert his capabilities of making keys and other devices for autos even if the owner’s manual says it can only be made by a dealer. “I’m a locksmith,” he says. “It’s my job to be capable of the unexpected.” Established in 1979, City Lock is a full service locksmith serving Boulder and surrounding areas.