City Lock welcomes Schlage Engage Access Control!

Schlage Engage Proximity Access Control

Schlage Engage is the first full fledged, self contained commercial grade access control. All the features clients WANT, without all the clumsy hardware that used to be forced down a client’s throat, is finally here!

The benefits are lengthy. Development of the Engage product is the result of many decades of traditional access control development, the advent of social media, the fielding of light duty residential grade APP driven devices; all to lead to the advent of the first truly APP driven Commercial grade access device.

Features of Schlage Engage:

  1. Control from any smartphone via secure cloud service anywhere. Delete and restrict users when you need to, wherever you may be, with all the equipment system requires; your cell phone and administration credentials.
  2.  Self contained system, for elimination of most troubleshooting found in prior access control
  3. Expand-ability. Add nearly as many locks as you like, as well as users
  4. Set schedules, holidays and view audit trails you used to handle with a spreadsheet from a computer terminal.
  5. Save energy. Locks operate for up to a year on one set of 4 AA Alkaline batteries.
  6. Aesthetic appeal. Locks compliment any decor, and are available in four lever designs. Doors require no alterations
  7. Will not void fire label on door
  8. Take it with you. Relocating? Swap the Engage lock with the one it replaced. No unsightly damage to door. This may preserve your security deposit



What you need to use this product?

  1. The Schlage ENGAGE access control lock
  2. Installation; either by City Lock or your own skilled in-house facilities locksmith. City Lock will train facilities managers’ staff.
  3. Additional Schlage Engage prox cards, if needed  ( City Lock includes 20 cards with purchase of lock )
  4. The FREE APP. Choose IOS or Android.
  5. The FREE Engage Account ( Free, takes a minute or two to set up )
  6. That is it, nothing else!


  1. Control Panel
  2. Power supplies and backup batteries near each door way
  3. Card enrolling device
  4. Palm Unit to transfer data for programming and audit of lock
  5. Wiring, wiring and more wiring
  6. Expensive annual maintenance contracts
  7. High cost to reinstall, when you reconfigure space or vacate