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Boulder Keyless Remote Start. A Feature you may already have!

Keyless Re,mote Start

Boulder Keyless Remote Start. Why do we call it that? Your Boulder Locksmith is City Lock. But we also services other areas, so let us add: free Louisville Keyless Remote Start, free Longmont Keyless Remote Start, free Broomfield Keyless Remote Start; etc. Read on to find out HOW you might get this for free: On…

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Boulder Heavy Equipment Keys are a City Lock specialty

Your construction and landscaping equipment all use Boulder Heavy Equipment Keys. You need spare Boulder Heavy Equipment Keys. You tried the hardware stores, the tool rental place, The orange DIY place. They just did not know a lot about equipment keys. City Lock, your Boulder Locksmith since 1991, has your Boulder Heavy Equipment Keys! Brands…

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Programming Marks I-Que Lock

  City Lock presents a simplified programming guide for the Marks I-Que Lite and I-Que Metro The GGM is also known as the MASTER or Programming Code. Always change the Factory Default GGM during installation of a new lock The GGM is also known as the MASTER or Programming Code. Always change the Factory Default…

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Your car keys, locks and remotes

Today, let us look at Toyota  and Lexus keys. If you have any OTHER make, this technology still may apply to YOU! I will examine what is called a “Remote Head Key”, or a “Remote Head Key Shell”. There are three elements we look at, though they may packaged in different ways; based on model…

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City Lock is developing new job site security lock

City Lock is directly guiding the development of new padlocks. This project is to provide a new padlock for job-site tool chests. We are working with mechanical engineers and a US Based manufacturing plant with both our applications experience and customer input to develop products that are built to the needs of the market. Help Us develop a new commercial padlock! Testers WANTED.…

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City Lock welcomes Schlage Engage Access Control!

Schlage Engage is the first full fledged, self contained commercial grade access control. All the features clients WANT, without all the clumsy hardware that used to be forced down a client’s throat, is finally here! The benefits are lengthy. Development of the Engage product is the result of many decades of traditional access control development,…

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