Toyota Prius 2004-2009 With Smart Entry. Brand New, never "refurbished" 275.00 including programming and emergency door key.

Lost one of your Prius Fob ? Do not risk losing your last Fob. Drive on over to City Lock today, and you will save nearly 100.00 as compared to the one with the Toyota logo on it. Rest assured, City Lock only sells BRAND NEW, never refurbished remotes. They include all programming and the emergency door key, all for 275.00 for one, and get TWO for 450.00 for as long as this ad is listed, and supply lasts. IF you have lost ALL your fobs, we can come out to you and program new ones in, but you Save Save Save by getting them when you have one remaining key, and can bring it to the City Lock service center at 2898 30th St in Boulder