Boulder Keyless Remote Start. A Feature you may already have!

Boulder Keyless Remote Start. Why do we call it that?

Your Boulder Locksmith is City Lock. But we also services other areas, so let us add: free Louisville Keyless Remote Start, free Longmont Keyless Remote Start, free Broomfield Keyless Remote Start; etc. Read on to find out HOW you might get this for free:

On a cold winter day, there is nothing like being able to start and warm up your car from inside the house. It is one of the best convenience features since Air Conditioning; Boulder Keyless Remote Start allows convenient warming of car and clearing of frozen windshield BEFORE you exit the house. You will only find this expert service for nearly all makes and models at City Lock in Boulder Colorado. Most any car equipped with this feature, City Lock can program fully functional remotes.

Millions of people buy used cars, and often have no idea what features they have. Boulder Keyless Remote Start questions comes up at City Lock all the time, and to their surprise, we REGULARLY show clients how their vehicle is already set up for this feature. When you press the remote with the right sequence, the engine starts right up!

There is a particular logo on the buttons that indicates this feature, it looks like an almost complete circle, with an arrow pointing counter-clockwise. This means you HAVE this feature. In the picture, look at the TOP button. That is your indication you have a Boulder Keyless Remote Start button!

To test your Boulder Keyless Remote, press the LOCK button twice, then press and HOLD the button with the circular arrow for about 3-5 seconds. Engine Starts.

But do not worry about a thief. Any effort to drive off without putting the key in ignition and turning it, will not release steering wheel nor transmission, and the anti-theft system will activate.

Using this feature ( as opposed to putting a key in ignition, starting and locking the door to go back in house or business ) has been recognized as secure, and if you have this, the “anti-puffing” law should not apply to you, or your Boulder Keyless Remote Start system.

For safety, car will automatically shut off after a certain time period. Should you FORGET you started it, or in case car is in garage, the system will shut off engine and reset to provide safety and security.
City Lock stocks OEM and aftermarket Remotes, flip key remotes and other variants, but only for vehicles equipped with a FACTORY remote start system.