City Lock is developing new job site security lock

City Lock is directly guiding the development of new padlocks. This project is to provide a new padlock for job-site tool chests. We are working with mechanical engineers and a US Based manufacturing plant with both our applications experience and customer input to develop products that are built to the needs of the market.

Help Us develop a new commercial padlock! Testers WANTED. We have a Beta run of locks to test.

Qualified clients of City Lock are invited to request a FREE padlock to put to the test. You must have job site tool chests such as Knaack, but we want all brands and variations.  These must be in daily use, not storage. Exposure to the elements and vandals is a plus. Tool cribs must be able to be brought to the City Lock showroom and service center in Boulder. We need the widest range of job site containers to test the fit. The factory label must be somewhere on the box. This information is needed so we can feed back to manufacturer of padlock how well the fit is for a particular product model and vintage; and attach any mods to the design we deem important. We will need feedback monthly. ( More frequentl input and suggestions are welcome )

The final engineering will be applied to keyed padlocks in standard, interchangeable core, high security and Bluetooth. Test padlocks are yours to keep. Final product will be available at a discount to all Beta-Testers.

City Lock is also interested in END-USER requests for other specialty padlocks to be developed. send your ideas through our contact page.

While we are adding new lines, existing clients who we have provided American Lock and Master PRo-Series locks should not be concerned. We will always support and have these locks available. We are adding a line that is compatible, so you can even mix and match and key alike between brands.