The Locksmiths at City Lock are your Boulder Automotive Locksmith experts

The techies at City Lock are back at work, after the annual automotive locksmith training event, “Just Cars”. Attending nearly 6 years, has helped us stay on top of our game, bringing you solutions for your automotive security technology requirements.

Automobiles are constantly changing, and City Lock invests in its employees training, as well as the new equipment needed to do the job.

Keys and remotes seem like such a simple thing. If only it were! We employ the methods to properly program keys to your vehicle, and not fall short with easy substitutions that may not be reliable.

City Lock can often do much more than the dealer in the way of choices, and promptness. The dealer must do it a corporate way, as they are bound by rules of franchise. We have no agreement with the manufacturer. Our client is who we answer to. We often have multiple options to fit your budget, without cutting quality.

City Lock is available to the public, as well as a support option for auto repair shops and new and used car lots.

When you are told it can not be done, please call the Boulder County Locksmiths at City Lock.

We have only one number, 303-444-4407. Beware of gotcha listings of locksmiths, but with a toll free number. That is a scam. We are REAL, you can visit our SHOP at 2898 30th St Boulder CO